What is One Great Sunday?

One Great Sunday is an online training event which will give your church’s Sunday School leaders the opportunity to hear and learn from seven respected Sunday School experts from across the Southeast in a concentrated time on a Sunday afternoon at your church, association, or someone’s home.

Training is available in seven areas – Preschool, Children, Youth, Young Adults, Adults, Senior Adults, Home Groups– each giving four 15 minute presentations.  

It’s suggested that you take time in between each session for your leadership to discuss what was taught.

The best part of this training is that you can schedule your own “One Great Sunday” on any day or series of days for your people to access the information.

Possible Schedule

:00 Welcome Video (@10 minutes) – General Session for everyone

1:30 Video #1 for each group

1:45 Discussion Break

2:00 Video #2

2:15 Discussion Break

2:30 Video #3

2:45 Discussion Break

3:00 Video #4

3:15 Discussion break

3:30 Dismiss

The videos have been separated by 15 minutes to illustrate how you might use them in your training event.

All videos will remain on this site and can be viewed by leaders 24/7 from their home or office. New material is added at the beginning of August each year.

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