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Allen Jackson was most recently the Professor of Youth Ministry at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and now serves as the Senior Pastor of Dunwoody Baptist Church, Dunwoody, Georgia. 

Allen was previously Minister of Students at Dunwoody Baptist from 1989-1994 before accepting his roles at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Allen has also been interim pastor to three other churches and interim youth pastor to two more during his tenure at the seminary. He enjoys the preaching and leadership that come with helping churches through transitions.

Allen is a Texan by birth (Ft. Worth) and raising (Waco and Dallas area), but spent some growing-up years in Georgia. He has a business degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in accounting, and an MA and PhD from the New Orleans Seminary. Allen likes golf, computers, running, drinking coffee and snow skiing.

Allen is the husband of Judi and the father of two children (Aaron, born in 1988 and Sarah, born in 1991). Judi is also a doctor, having received her PhD in 2005. She is the Associate Dean of Students at the seminary and enjoys filling her time with fitness, writing, running and bargain-hunting.

Allen Jackson

Senior Pastor</br>Dunwoody Baptist Church</br>Dunwoody, GA

Senior Pastor
Dunwoody Baptist Church
Dunwoody, GA

Lesson One

DNA of Discipleship

Lesson Two

Teaching Made Simple

Lesson Three

What Your Pastor Wants You to Know

Lesson Four

Best Practices for Youth Missions Trips

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